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Best Opportunity, In A Step-by-Step Way, To Learn How To Supplement, Or Replace And Exceed Your Current Income, By Working Part-Time Only

You Will Learn In Full Detail, All You Need To Know, How To Control Emotions, Zero Investment Risk, And  Consistently Profit Trading The Nasdaq 100 E-Mini Market

Unlimited Access To Online YIDDISH Video Course, Weekly Video Updates, You May Also Benefit From Our Live Group Trading Room, See Below For More Info

Consistent Profit Potential...Use Funds As An Income Replacement/Addition Or Account Grow & Savings For House Down Payment, Wedding, Higher Ticket Purchase 

Can Be Started With ZERO Risk Of Your Own Capital (Yes It's True) Using A Prop Firm That Will Fund Your Account After Qualifying, We Show You All The Details 

Only One Ticker Symbol (NQ) and One Coaching Service Needed To Learn, Practice, Trade, and Profit... Stay Focused

Section #1 

Learn The Basics Of The Financial Markets (For Beginners)

Section #2

Learn All About The E-mini Nasdaq 100 Futures Contract

Section #3

Learn How To Setup and Use The Trading Platform For Best Performance A Step-By-Step Guide

Section #4-5

Know Your Entry Point, Exit Loss Target, Exit Profit Target - We Show It All - Start Profiting Today - See It To Believe It

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We Recap Our Trades Each Week For You To Compare And Learn - Plus Additional Tips And Course Updates  


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If interested to take your trading to the next level and beyond submit your e-mail below. The service fee for the first 15 Members will be $500/Month paid in advance for six months (long-term committed traders are a must for success) After initial room opening the service fee will be $1,000 paid on a monthly basis. At least 15 people as a vibrant active group are needed initially to start this service.

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Note: We are not financial advisers, all trades are for course education supplement purposes - Trade At Your Own Risk - Only Trade With Funds You Can afford To Lose